Monnex™ Dry Powder

Not just an ordinary powder
MonnexTM BCE powder is the world’s most trusted high performance dry chemical powder for high risk firefighting applications. MonnexTM is used in high risk situations where flammable liquids are stored, processed or transported. MonnexTM is also the first choice for airport rescue and firefighting services throughout the world. Instead of simply mixing ingredients in a vessel, as with most ABC and some BC powders, MonnexTM is manufactured by a complex chemical reaction. Every aspect of the process is managed by Kerr’s trained technical specialists.

How does Monnex™ Work?

High performance MonnexTM  dry chemical powder is based on potassium allophanate, a potassium bicarbonate –...
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Hazards & Applications

Wide Range of Hazards MonnexTM is ideal for all Class BCE fires, including a wide range...
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Monnex™ Video

Monnex™ BCE powder is the world’s most trusted high performance dry chemical powder for high risk firefighting applications. ...
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Monnex™ Literature

Read more about MonnexTM in the latest Monnex Brochure, Datasheet and MSDS.
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Monnex™ Discharge Devices

MonnexTM be used in various discharge devices depending on the hazards and risks users may encounter.
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