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Use, Discharge, and Disposal of Firefighting Foam Products

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High Expansion Foams
Superior quality high expansion foams for extinguishing and securing flammable hydrocarbon fires. Produces an extremely stable, long-lasting foam, and is formulated for use at both medium and high expansion. Effective on a wide range of class A & B fires.


Forest Foam
Synthetic foam concentrate specially formulated for Class A applications such as forestry and wildland fire control, structural fires, tyre and paper fires.

Training Foams
Fluorine-free (F3) foams specially formulated to provide a training foam without any fluorosurfactants. Mimics the performance of the aviation industry standard for fire fighting foams to provide realistic fire training.
Wet Chemical
High performance liquid specifically intended for fires involving cooking oil and fat, particularly in deep fat fryers.

Kerrol is a blend of speciality chemicals, which includes temperature suppressant for use in water extinguishers and in addition to foam concentrate in foam extinguishers.

To find out about how to dispose of Kerr foam concentrates please read our Foam Disposal Guide