About Us

The Powder and Foam Experts
Kerr Fire has been manufacturing fire extinguishing agents for over forty years.  Its comprehensive range of products is the result of continuous research and development.

Kerr Fire is a leading world producer of firefighting foam concentrates and Monnex dry powder.  Monnex is world renowned as the highest performing and most powerful dry chemical powder for Class B, C and E flammable materials.

Kerr Fire was established as John Kerr & Company in Manchester in 1903 by John Kerr McMyn.  The company began by supplying a wide range of fire extinguishing products including the “Empire” range of extinguishers introduced in 1905.

  • 1903  Kerr Fire formed in Manchester, England.
  • 1905  First supply of fire extinguishing products.
  • 1931  manufacture of fire extinguishing chemicals for use in the Empire fire extinguisher.
  • 1951  move to new premises in Liverpool.
  • 1970  launch of “Centrimax” range of powders.
  • 1980  merge with Ginge of Copenhagen.
  • 1984  split into two operating divisions: John Kerr & Company for fire extinguishing chemicals; and Ginge-Kerr for fire extinguishing systems.
  • 1988  John Kerr & Company acquired by Croda International plc.
  • 1989  new identity as Croda Kerr and Croda Uniser.
  • 1993  Croda Kerr’s product range expanded to include Monnex acquired from ICI Chemicals & Polymers.
  • 2000 Croda Kerr amalgamated with ABC Powder to become Croda Fire Fighting Chemicals.
  • 2004 Croda Fire Fighting Chemicals acquired by Kidde plc, and became known as Kerr Fire.
  • Today Kerr Fire is part of a new independent UK Fire Company.

Global Reach
Kerr Fire manufactures Monnex dry powder and foam concentrates, and provides global product sales and technical support, from Bentham in North Yorkshire in the UK.

Kerr Fire has third party accreditation to BS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System. All raw materials, components and finished products are rigorously tested and inspected to ensure consistent reliability and fire performance.

Kerr Fire’s commitment to minimising the environmental impact of its products is reflected in its ISO 14001 approval; this commitment is integrated into managing sound environmental practices at all its plants.

Registered Office
Station Road, High Bentham, Near Lancaster LA2 7NA UK.
Registered in England and Wales No: 8441992